Business Luncheons

BBN Luncheons are traditionally attended by women, with keynote speakers who are successful women in business with fascinating stories to share.

Past speakers have included:

  • Kyla Kirkpatrick (The Champagne Dame)
  • Michelle Bridges (Fitness Guru)
  • Karen Martini (Chef/TV presenter)
  • Dr Elizabeth Cameron Dalman (Australian Dance Theatre)

Held at the Sandringham Yacht Club, looking out at the scenic bay while enjoying a delicious two course meal, these luncheons are always well received.

Upcoming Luncheons

Kyla Kirkpatrick

The Champagne Dame

Michelle Bridges

Fitness Guru

Karen Martini

Chef/TV presenter

Elizabeth Cameron Dalman

Australian Dance Theatre

“It gets me in touch with the decision makers of the company which come here (Business Breakfast) and it’s a good informal way of meeting them.”

What’s really great about the BBN is that by meeting your peers in your local community you get really good information about what’s going on in business

“As a small business you often work in isolation and it’s fabulous to talk to others who are sharing your experience. The BBN offers lots of opportunity to do this through their many events.”

“As this is my first foray into private practice, establishing new contacts will be vital, and I’m already thrilled with the organisation of of the network.”

I’m not a born networker, so getting some extra support felt really lovely and was just what I needed! I ended up making over 10 contacts and 3+ business opportunities

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